Sukkur Chat Rooms are a hub for Sindhi people living everywhere. They offer a way to connect with Sukkur-based people and make friends.

Sindh is an Arabic word meaning “land of the Sindhu River”. It is located in the southern part of India and shares its borders with Punjab, Gujarat and Arabian Sea.

Chats are a totally free platform that allows people to chat in Sindhi language. This project started as a community-led initiative from members on our Facebook Page “ChatroomVista” which has more than 2k members. The team behind CRV has been working hard to develop this project further over time as it gains appreciation from thousands of users every day.

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Our Sindhi Chats provide some of the best services for Sindhi people around the world to come together and share their culture thought at a low cost.

Sukkur Chat Rooms is an online Sindhi chat room that aims to serve as a platform for Sindhi community around the world, conduct social activities in languages other than English, share culture, organize events and help each other. It has also become an active voice against anti-Sindhi propaganda.

The main reason for its popularity within the community is due to its low cost of usage that is usually lower than any other chat service and top-quality customer service.

Our Chats are the totally best and the most popular places for Sindhi people to speak their language and chat with other Sindhi people.

The Sukkur Chat Rooms have been running for over three years and have been helping a large number of people to converse, share experiences, news, etc. The Sukkur Chat Rooms are the most popular destinations among Sindhi individuals to communicate in their own language – Sindhi.

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Online Chat Rooms provide a platform for those who don’t feel like stirring out of their homes; it also provides a way for all community members to live in peace without any restrictions.

Now Chat Rooms has become one of the most anticipated events among Young generation in and outside of Pakistan.

Sukkur Chat Rooms happened because of popular demand for Sindhi chat rooms. It provides a platform for people to meet and participate in conversations like Sindhi voice chat rooms or Sindhi cam chat rooms.